The people


Laura Arghittu

  • Supervisor Health Care

“What would I like to be when I grow up? Be a child again. Like my six-year old daughter, the only one who can make me smile with just a phone call.”

Distinguishing features: all the tidiness of SEC is in her department


Teresa Baroni

  • Supervisor Marketing Communication

“I can’t stand negativity that makes us lose time for no reason at all, instead I appreciate positivity, optimism, and resourcefulness. With a good coffee.”

Distinguishing features: pragmatic, but surely you noticed it


Gabriele Bertipaglia

  • Partner e supervisor Reputation & Crisis Management

“My worst flaw is that I try hard for everyone to get on with one another, always. This is why I do this job, the best job in the world.”

Distinguishing features: crisis and fluo shirts, is there a connection?


Tiziana Biasini

  • Partner e supervisor Brand Equity

“I am an impulsive person, everyone knows it. Sports and art exhibitions are my recharge, but the time I just can’t give up on is the time I spend with my dogs.”

Distinguishing features: Impulsivity? A tornado, to be honest


Luca De Simoni

  • Supervisor Public Affairs

“A mistake I wouldn’t make again? Stop playing sports. Now I can joy with the Juventus victories. Beware, I am touchy...”

Distinguishing features: peripatetic, do not look for him at the desk


Erika Elia

  • Digital Manager

“It's true, I cannot laugh at jokes, but I surrender immediately with an honest and sincere smile. Or with a chocolate bar”

Distinguishing features: she writes in Excel but thinks in Word


Marco Fraquelli

  • Partner e Financial Communication Advisor

“What makes me angry is arrogance and bullying. And stupidity, that, as Frank Zappa used to say, is the most diffuse element in the universe, even more than hydrogen.”

Distinguishing features: Above any suspicion but structurally... rock


Paola Lazzarotto

  • Supervisor Marketing Communication

“I believe in myself, knowing that I can count on the collaboration of others. This is the spirit with which I face my working days and challenges.”

Distinguishing features: sporty, inside


Maurizio Maione

  • CSR Advisor

“What would I like to be when I grow up? The best Santa Clause ever. As time goes by and the hair grows grey, I look at myself in the mirror and I think I can make it.”

Distinguishing features: third quarter, not only in rugby


Valeria Peverelli

  • Supervisor Community Relations

“What can’t I say no to? To the requests for help, the habit of finding the positive side of each situation, a ride on my motorbike (even if it is raining).”

Distinguishing features: a Hapsburg, but maybe not


Daniele Pinosa

  • Supervisor Corporate & Financial Communication

“I find the energy to face everyday challenges in my family and in races... in the races I do to return to my family every day!”

Distinguishing features: a runner, but surely you noticed it


Alberto Scotti

  • Direttore creativo

“When I grow I want to be Eric Clapton’s bass player.” And if that is not possible, I’ll be Eric Clapton”

Distinguishing features: : self-mockery, but you surely noticed it


Angelo Vitale

  • Supervisor Corporate Communication

“I don’t like egocentric people, unwilling to listen to the opinions of others. How can we give up on the value of diversity?”

Distinguishing features: actor, poet, where does he find time to work?

Governance in Italy


Fiorenzo Tagliabue

  • CEO & founder

“We would suffocate in the monotony of a mere continuation,” Guardini said, “This urges me. It is the dream of becoming the worldwide number 1”

Distinguishing features: He is the “inventor of perpetual movement”, monotony is the last of our problems.


Cesare Valli

  • Managing director Italy

“I'm afraid of the lack of a systemic vision of sustainable development, like people in traffic who do not know what direction to take”

Distinguishing features: If his food and wine memory was an App, TripAdvisor would not exist.


Paola Ambrosino

  • General director

“What will I be when I grow up? Besides going back to school, found a university, do politics, revolutionise cooking in hospitals...?”

Distinguishing features: Words and thoughts. Strictly in Times New Roman.


Anna Milito

  • CFO

“If there is one thing that makes me angry, it is approximation. But all I need is a smile (especially from my children) to be happy again.”

Distinguishing features: calmness, the virtue of strong people.

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